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"I would get too attached," "Do you get to keep this one?" and "Are they all yours?": 40 Answers to the Invasive (But Typically-Well-Meaning) Questions Every Foster Parent Hears

Foster parents get lots of questions: inquisitive, curious, intrusive, and inappropriate....but all typically well-meaning. It's hard for people to understand this journey we're on. It's hard for them to understand why our families look so different. And so they ask. And for all the times you don't know how to answer, the readers of Foster the Family compiled their favorite answers to their most frequently received questions. From funny to irreverent to informative to heart-warming. You'll never search for an answer again.

Orphans No More Radio Interview

I was honored to be a guest on Justice for Orphans' radio show "Orphans No More." Listen in as we talk about what compelled our family to get involved in foster care, some of the kids who have been in and out of our home, and the mission of "speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves."

Licensed & Waiting: Tips For Getting Foster Care Placements

Looking back now I realize it was only three months that I waited for my first placement, but at the time it felt like an eternity. Take the overall lack of phone ringing I had expected, add in a few potential placements falling through, and I was in full will-it-ever-happen-distress mode. Every story of a child languishing without a family was like a dagger in my heart. “I”m here. I’m waiting. Give me a child to love!”