Car Decals

Car Decals


"FOSTER LOVE" VINYL CAR DECAL - Cute & simple script is perfect for foster parents, social workers, and any foster care advocate. Vinyl, 9in. by 3in.

“THERE’S, LIKE, A WHOLE LOT OF KIDS IN HERE” VINYL CAR DECAL - Since the family stickers never match the changing number of kids who come and go, but we still want credit for the vanload of children. Vinyl, 1in. by 11in.

“THIS FAMILY BROUGHT TO YOU BY ADOPTION” VINYL CAR DECAL - Celebrate how God formed your family. Vinyl, 2in. by 11in.

“LOVE MAKES A FAMILY” VINYL CAR DECAL - Perfect for foster, adoptive, or just-plan-”regular” families. Vinyl, 1 in. by 11in.

• Decals can be applied to laptop or any other hard service.

• 100% of proceeds go to supporting foster families and children. Foster the Family delivers practical and caring support to the doorstep of a foster family immediately after welcoming a child into the home. The FosterCare Package includes clothing, hygiene and comfort items, and other practical necessities for the child; as well as a meal, handwritten note and phone number of a mentor foster parent for the foster family. Learn more about the work of Foster the Family

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