Biological/Adoptive/Foster MOM Tumbler

Biological/Adoptive/Foster MOM Tumbler


"Biological/Adoptive/Foster MOM" 16 oz. Tumbler

Handy, dandy cold cup

• 16 oz. capacity for maximum hydration (or caffeine addiction deniability: "I only had *one* cup of iced coffee today").

• Insulated, double wall cup is perfect for cold drinks of all kinds (read: ice coffee). Straw included.

• 100% of proceeds go to supporting foster families and children. Foster the Family delivers practical and caring support to the doorstep of a foster family immediately after welcoming a child into the home. The FosterCare Package includes clothing, hygiene and comfort items, and other practical necessities for the child; as well as a meal, handwritten note and phone number of a mentor foster parent for the foster family. Learn more about the work of Foster the Family.

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