"Yes, They're All Mine" Tote Bag

"Yes, They're All Mine" Tote Bag


The ultimate "kill two birds with one stone" purchase. This bag allows you to:

A) Answer well-meaning and wide-eyed gawkers' question of "Are they all yours?" No more awkward interactions, no more answering, "No, I don't run a day care," or "No, I haven't given birth to children with six different fathers." Just point your answer, smile, and move on.

B) Carry the necessities. i.e.: wallet, daytimer, and a pack of gum...also sippy cups, bottles, diapers, wipes, princess cell phones, Pokemon cards, apple sauce pouches, Elsa figurines, Master Wu legos, extra underwear, ketchup packets, etc.

• Cotton canvas bag, 30" handle, zipper. Modern black font.

• 5W x 13H x 18L in.

• 100% of proceeds go to creating journey bags for new foster children and other foster care related causes and advocacy.


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