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"Better Than Fair Trade" Roll Call

This Christmas season, I've spent a lot of energy telling you all about the different "better than fair trade" organizations I love, why I love them, and which of their products I love the most. But it turns out, I got a little carried away. And it turns out, that all of the many lists may not be conducive to actual shopping. So consider this a "who's who" of organizations that do good, with minimum details...

Onions, Sole Hope, & East Coast Benefactory

Tears streamed down my face and filled her little eyes. I was aware of yet another “small” blessing we had that so many others didn’t. I was aware of the times I’d thought my girl “needed” a new pair of shoes...But Sole Hope did more than just change my view of children’s footwear. Let me begin with all the onion-y layers of why I love Sole Hope (as in, the tears increase the deeper you get)