This Sucks.

Maybe my "this sucks" mantra sounds un-Christian. When I say, "This sucks," and I say it to Him, it's said like a prayer. A faith-filled acknowledgement that though this isn't how it should be, He is in it all.

In Defense of Foster Parenting

Foster care is, at its core, a bridge. Back to first family or on to forever family. Foster parents must never--not ever--be shamed or condemned or criticized when they do not adopt their foster children. Adoption is not in our job description.

Foster Care is Broken. I Am Broken.

I could be sitting on the sidelines, in blissful ignorance of the brokenness that surrounds me, enjoying the whole-ness of a sweet and sheltered life. Missing out on the beauty of breaking off pieces of my heart and my life to make another whole.

I Just Don't Want To Hand Him Over Today...

This foster care life is a constant placing of your child in someone else’s hands. Literally and actually, in workers’ and judges’ and lawyers’ hands. Oh, I wish I were in control. I wish I could slam the door in the worker's face. I wish I could tell the judge, “So here’s what you gotta do.” I wish I could just change mom with a snap of the fingers. I wish, so deeply, I wish. 

A Biological Child's Perspective

I get questions every day from people who feel drawn to foster care but are concerned for their own biological children. The words of this biological daughter/foster sister spoke to my heart.

Gifts For The Foster/Adoptive Mom On Your List

Loved ones of foster and adoptive moms, listen up: The lady in your life is an amazing woman. She is a giver. She is a nurturer. And you know what else she is? She's tired. She's stressed. She's worthy of your honor and gratitude and gosh darn it, a good Christmas gift, ok? Don't know what to get her? I do.