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Birthday & Christmas & ONE MONTH OF GIVEAWAYS!

Each week in July, I’ll be introducing you to an amazing organization that’s doing amazing things and selling amazing products. Each organization is working to raise money for or actually hands-on caring for orphans, the poor, and the oppressed. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to tell you about them and let you know how you can follow/support/pray for them, and I’m just as excited to be able to GIVE YOU SOME OF THEIR BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTS!

When Randy Alcorn shares your story...

RANDY ALCORN shared my story on his blog.  If you’re wondering how in all the world this happened, I’ll tell you exactly how it went down.  I wrote my little blog post and sent it to him, 100% sure that he would never lay eyes on it but figuring I had nothing to lose.  This is what is known as “swinging for the fences.”  That was a sports analogy.  I believe it was a baseball analogy.