foster the family speaking

"I recently attended a retreat where Jamie spoke. She is the type of person who oozes Christ's love. You know, the person you want to rub up against just to learn from them and soak them in. I met her before I even knew she was our speaker. She was so relatable, friendly, and down to earth. When she spoke, it was from her heart and with such grace. I really appreciated that she shared scripture to go along with almost everything she spoke about. This was the most practical thing for me, knowing the place to find the things she was sharing, making it easier for me to meditate and grow in what Christ wanted to teach me. I am so thankful for the time I got to share with her and learn from her heart."   - Kate, Montana

"Jamie imparts wisdom, encouragement, as well as clear, doable ideas on how foster parents can work in a broken system. Jamie leads the charge in uniting foster parents with bio parents, CPS, and other various workers. She authentically lives it out daily, speaks about it, and challenges others. Those who work in the foster system are provoked and inspired when listening to Jamie." - Becky, Pennsylvania


"After following Foster The Family, I got to experience Jamie's session on "Loving the People of a Broken System." Just like her blog, Jamie did not disappoint! She made the people of the broken foster care system-caseworkers, judges & first families-real through the eyes of a God who created them and gave practical ways to love them. Jamie wove Scripture through the entire session-verses to use as encouragement to keep pressing on and reminders of God's sovereignty through it all. As a support person for foster families, I have come back to these session notes to help encourage & equip families through their foster care journey."   - Cheryl, Illinois