A Biological Child's Perspective

I get questions every day from people who feel drawn to foster care but are concerned for their own biological children. The words of this biological daughter/foster sister spoke to my heart.

Gifts For The Foster/Adoptive Mom On Your List

Loved ones of foster and adoptive moms, listen up: The lady in your life is an amazing woman. She is a giver. She is a nurturer. And you know what else she is? She's tired. She's stressed. She's worthy of your honor and gratitude and gosh darn it, a good Christmas gift, ok? Don't know what to get her? I do.

Tips For Supporting Reunification

A few months ago, I was contacted by the American Bar Association's Center For Children and the Law. I was asked to participate in a survey of five foster families from around the county. The goal? Create a list of tips for foster families to promote and support reunification. Here's the result!

My Foster Child’s Family Is My Enemy

And sometimes it’s hard. Like the family who slanders me on social media, who calls in an investigation on me, who continually puts the child at risk, who acts like court is a game to be won. Sometimes it’s very, very hard.

I call it like it is: You are my enemy.

"I would get too attached," "Do you get to keep this one?" and "Are they all yours?": 40 Answers to the Invasive (But Typically-Well-Meaning) Questions Every Foster Parent Hears

Foster parents get lots of questions: inquisitive, curious, intrusive, and inappropriate....but all typically well-meaning. It's hard for people to understand this journey we're on. It's hard for them to understand why our families look so different. And so they ask. And for all the times you don't know how to answer, the readers of Foster the Family compiled their favorite answers to their most frequently received questions. From funny to irreverent to informative to heart-warming. You'll never search for an answer again.